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RUBIDOR offers a wide range of Cell Rubber Products. This type of rubber is a synthetic rubber with a sponge-like, usually closed-cell structure, characterized by high elasticity and resilience. Its unique properties give it a reputation for being a versatile and reliable material. We also offer semi-open-cell cell rubber for even greater compressibility and flexibility.

Cell rubber, often based on EPDM or Neoprene, is known for the following characteristics:

  • Waterproof and airtightness;
  • Resilience and compressibility, ideal for sealing purposes.

Our range consists of cell rubber sheets and strips, both self-adhesive and non-self-adhesive, available in various sizes. Moreover, this type of rubber retains its elasticity even at extreme temperatures, making it suitable for both low and high ambient temperatures. The EPDM versions offer excellent UV resistance and aging resistance, while the Neoprene version has good oil resistance. For outstanding resilience, we also offer a version in Natural Rubber.

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